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Timucin Sahin Quintet: Inherence

Artikel: BTLCHR 71233


Besetzung: Timucin Sahin 6 string electric guitars, 7 string electric guitar, John O'Gallagher as, Tyshawn Sorey dr, Christopher Tordini contrabass, Ralph Alessi tp


It is said that there are guitarists who play especially conspicuous or bizarre guitar models to underline how "cool" they are. However, such silly motives can be excluded completely in the case of Timucin Sahin. His sole motive is the enhancement of his own possibilities for structuring his music, which the two guitar necks of his custom-made model give him: one with frets and one without. "It is a very unconventional sound. But you first have to master the vocabulary on a fretless guitar before you can really get going on it," Timucin stated in an interview. On his second CD at Between the Lines (following 'Bafa', BTLCHR 71221, 2009), his influences and ideas can be heard again, which range from his intensive studies of south Indian music and the harmonics of Ornette Coleman to his enthusiasm for rock bands from Led Zeppelin to Van Halen They are not used for cliché-type copies, but instead are very subtle. You have to listen very closely to understand the stories that Sahin tells. However, if you let yourself be drawn into them, you are captivated and fascinated by the intensive tales full of details as well as by the sudden twists, the careful build-up of tension due to unusual harmony sequences and then again the free association of dominating embellishments.

Timucin Sahin, born in Turkey, emigrated to Holland as a young man to study in Hilversum and Amsterdam. Then he continued his studies at the Manhattan School of Music. After receiving numerous prizes and awards, he became a teacher himself. His many encounters with other jazz musicians (Mark Turner, Greg Osby, Randy Brecker) enrich his playing incessantly. And his encounter with a new citizen of the world certainly also does this; the young father dedicates his music on his new album to his recently- born son.

Sahin has tried-and-tested musicians on two instruments in his new quintet: John O´Gallagher is a saxophonist highly respected among his colleagues (Tom Harrell, Chris Potter, Maria Schneider, etc.). His dialog with Sahin has not only enthused audiences at numerous festival performances (North Sea Jazz Festival, Moers, etc.), but is also very convincing on the CD. The intensity of these musical dialogs is hard to beat, and the technical refinements are impressive.

Another colleague of many years is the maybe the best and most versatile jazz drummer these days: Tyshawn Sorey. He understands Sahin 's ideas before he even plays them and does not just accompany them, but drives them forward, gives them dynamics such as only a drummer in his class can do.

On the other hand, the bassist is new, but for whom a great future can be predicted: Christopher Tordini. He has already played with Tyshawn Sorey in other groups, and the press always praised them for their joint creative potential. Tordini plays powerfully without being heavy-handed. He plays melodious phrases without sounding banal, and consequently is also in great demand in genres other than jazz. We'll hear a lot about him in the future!

Also new in Sahin 's band: Ralph Alessi. However, not new at Between the Lines – he had his much respected international debut with "Look" (BTLCHR 71213, 2006), and he also plays as a sideman on Jeff Denson's release "Secret World" in 2012 (BTLCHR 71229, 2012). The fact that he worked with Steve Coleman and Uri Caine has also earned him a lot of attention. With his unbelievably precise, clear sound, he enriches the band in a fundamental way.