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Gerry Hemingway Quintet: Double Blues Crossing

Artikel: BTLCHR 71202


Musicians: Gerry Hemingway dr,Marimba, Frank Gratkowski cl,bcl,as, Wolter Wierbos tb, Amit Sen c, Kermet Driscoll b

Recording date: 30. Oktober 2002
Recording place: Grande Auditorio, Lissabon Portugal


Born in 1955, Gerry Hemingway already came into this world with an interest in music. His grandmother was a concert pianist, and his father studied composition with Paul Hindemith. He already became interested in drums when he was 10, and he was already a professional musician in the jazz and bebop areas at 17. In 2002, he celebrated the 25th anniversary of his Trio BassDrumBone.

He has already played with big names such as Oliver Lake, Jeanne Lee, Marilyn Crispell, John Purcell, Don Byron, Derek Bailey, Leo Smith, Kenny Wheeler, George Lewis, John Cale, Hank Roberts and others. Gerry became known as a solo-composer, improvisation genius and leader of several quintets and quartets, which played together for years. One of these ensembles is the “Euro-American” Gerry Hemingway Quintet with Frank Gratkowski, Wolter Wierbos, Amit Sen and Kermit Driscoll.

Frank Gratkowski (D) has played at almost every big German jazz festival as well as at numerous international festivals, including in Vancouver, Toronto, Chicago, New York, Seattle, Quebec and Les Mans. He has also taught at music colleges in Cologne, Hanover and Berlin. The Dutchman Wolter Wierbos is considered one of the best trombone players in the world and has received, Laren Jazzpodium Prijs, the Podiumprijs for Jazz and Improvised Music und Holland’s most important prize, the Boy Edgar Prijs, among others. Kermit Driscoll completed his studies at the renowned Berklee University and played in Buddy Rich’s Band (1981 to 1986) as well as with Bill Frisell, Joey Baron and Hank Roberts over the following 10 years. The Swedish cellist Amit Sen met Gerry Hemingway during a project in Sweden.

Now the quintet around the drummer Gerry Hemingway is presenting its new, promising album “Double Blues Crossing”. A one-hour trip through the spheres of Hemingway’s compositions promise a great listening experience.

“Hemingway’s quintet and quartet, on the other hand, are often high intensity affairs.” “Hemingway tends to percuss with well-defined strokes, skipping a beat and stroking again with different intensity in an off-meter way.” Signal To Noise magazine, Burlington, VT, Laurence Svirchev


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